Project Pony

Tragically we lost one of our amazing horses Sam to a sudden illness.  Volunteers and participants are shocked and saddened.
With the loss of Sam, we have some participants who can no longer rider as we do not have another suitable horse. We are therefore fundraising to purchase another horse to ensure we can continue to change the lives of our participants

Our horses teach our particpants so much, whether in riding lessons, ground sessions or the many other activities we offer.

The Benefits of equine and animal assisted programs include

Increased mobility & fitness
Increased co-ordination and muscle control
Reduced muscle spasms
Increase socialisation skills
Teamwork and responsibility
Pursuing goal orientated challenges

Our sessions also help with social skills, communication and responsibilities.

Our horses are true super stars, they are calm, safe and sensible and love being around people, because we need such special horses they are always in high demand and so come at a high price. Alongside purchasing the horse, the horse will also need to be vetted to ensure it is healthy and we will need equipment such as tack and rugs.

Thank you for reading this far, it is often hard to out into words what we see when our riders/participants are with our animals and its so important to us to keep going.