Parklands RDA funds are raised through our lesson charges and fundraising.
Our animals require feeding, bedding, mucking out, medicine when required and of course all the equipment for our sessions.
All funds raised from our sessions goes straight back to the care of our animals and events for our members.
We are constantly fundraising so we can organise fun shows, pony days, farm days etc and always need your support.
Our annual membership costs go straight into medical reserves for any urgent veterinary care our animals may need.

Some examples of costs are 
£9.80  -bag of horse mix  (we use approximately 4/week)  -   Now £11.80
£12  - bag of chaff (we use approximately 1/week)  -   Now £12.50
£75 - Agricultural size bail of hay (1.5/week) -    Now £90
£60 - Agricultural size bail of straw (1.5/week)  
£10.50 Shavings    Now £12
Farrier £20 trim £75 set of shoes
£850 livery/rent including utilities, facilities.
Alongside weekly running costs we also have to factor in animals vaccinations, dentists, worming and other health checks, utilities, staff etc so running costs can be up £50,000/year

For prices please see the tab below

Hats and other equipment are all provided within the costs.  We understand some people may like to purchase their own hats especially during times like Covid.  Please speak to us so we can advise on the required minimum standards and reputable dealers.  Unfortunately not all riding hats sold are up to the legal standards.

Our ridden sessions can include up to 4 volunteers , someone to lead the horse, 2 side walkers either side of the rider and of course the coach.


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