Healing/Cold Laser

Cold laser or low level/healing lasers are a great & pain free aid to speeding up the recovery process. Known benefits include      

Relieves pain & Inflammation

Regenerates tissue.

Promotes circulation.

 By using the laser on wounds and muscle tissue, it speeds up the body’s own natural healing process several times over, speeding up the natural recovery rate. The laser also helps to prevent unsightly scar tissue and the white hairs so often see on old scar sites. The treatment only takes a short time, can be done frequently and has no known side effects, allowing your horse to return to health quickly.

 Low level lasers have proven to be beneficial and aid the following conditions in horses:

  •  General. Stress/distress, muscle pain, trauma, swellings, joint pain & arthritis, stiffness.
  • Wounds. Deep cuts, proud flesh, scars, swellings, bruising, oedema, lumps.
  • Operation sites. Over stitches, staples, pins, pain relief, faster wound healing, less scarring.
  • Back. Pain, cold back, sore back, arthritis, bruises, strains, fibrotic myopathies, muscle pain, kissing spine.
  • Hip trouble. Sacroiliac symptom.
  • Skin. Acute infections, chronic infections, eczema, sunburn, cracked heels, mud fever, rain scold, haematomas, non-healing ulcers.
  • Legs. Tendon injuries, tendonitis, bowed tendons, ligament injuries, inflammation, adhesions, torn fibres, strains, splints, arthritis, Spavins, ringbone, bruising, sore shins.
  • Feet. Navicular, cracks & splits, laminitis, bruised soles, over-reach wounds, abscess, thrush.
  • Head. Sinuses, laryngeal paralysis, congested tear ducts, tooth abscess, sore gums & cheeks.

A truly superb fast and legal way to help our horses make the fastest and safest possible recovery from a wide range of injuries and ailments.