Hands - Hooves Pony Club

Our pony club offers our participants  a chance to learn all about our horses both in the saddle and on the ground. Each area is separated into
modules with badges awarded at the end of each one achieved. Everyone can obtain our badges.

Some of our badges include

Horse Care (level 1 & 2)
Horse Behaviour

Stable Management 
Paddock care
Show preparation 

All our taught in a fun and interactive way with a chance to see 'behind on the scenes' on the stables and learn everything we need to look after our horses.

We also carry out the RDA proficiency awards which can include horse care and riding alongside our ASDAN awards.  
All our badges and awards can be completed in Pony Club or private sessions.

Private Sessions

Our private sessions allow goal orientated lessons individually tailored to each participant.  These sessions can be in any of our activities or a mixture of all.  

Horse Agility

Alongside riding we offer our horse agility sessions where we learn to lead and do ground work with the horses.  This helps participants learn how to manage, control and build a rapport with our horses.  Its also great for fitness and communication.  These sessions can be done individually or as groups.

Stable Management

In these sessions we learn about looking after horses.  How we care for them, grooming, learning how to tack them up,  just about everything to do with our horses.  If you like the agricultural side we can learn about the land and how we care it, so it can care for our horses.

Like all our sessions we can work towards goals and badges within these sessions and they can be tailored for children and adults a like.  These sessions work well with both riding and agility as the participants learn how to prepare their horses ready to work.

The opportunity for more hands on groundwork with the ponies has been
brilliant. Joey, Danny and Jake have really benefitted from the chance for
high quality interaction and bonding with the ponies on the same level
through tasks like grooming, leading and responding to the ponies' needs
and body language. They've shown increased concentration and focus and
have really enjoyed learning real-life horse care skills.