James has always been around horses however only fairly recently became interested in riding through the discovery of the RDA. 

James started to ride a little to gain confidence then early this year he was asked to read Clare Balding’s latest book - The Racehorse who could Dance. It was evident as we were reading the book James was beginning to think that yes - maybe he could achieve such things and possibly one day he could also reach the nationals at Hartpury just as the characters in the book did.

James is Autistic, has dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder. He needs help with core strength, coordination, planning and processing.

Watching James ride with Alison and having Warrick on-hand is just fantastic. Alison could see straight away the areas where James needs a little extra help and the lessons are planned accordingly. The lessons are fun, engaging, progressive and most importantly James really enjoys them - it’s a pure delight as a parent to watch and be part of.

Since Joshua has been riding with your group he has gone from strength to strength, his riding ability has increased, his self confidence is much greater and he has better social interactions. I cannot describe the amazing difference you have made to him, which is
truly heartwarming to see.

Alana started riding with Parklands RDA in 2016,  a little shy and nervous but it is now a more confident and independent individual.   Alana has now competed at the RDA National Championships and the SEIB Search for a Star Qualifiers.  Alana then became a valued volunteer.